Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Special Olympics Scarf Project

This year 3 New England states are asking for scarf donations.

Massachusetts ( my home state )

Red and White
suggested: RHSS Cherry Red and White
Goal: 50 - scarves only
Deadline: 3 December 2016
Send to
SO Scarf Project 
Attn: Marci Haneisen 
Midstate Sports 
460 High Rock Road 
Fitchburg, MA 01420

Colours: Red, Heather Gray, Black 
Goal: 500 scarf, hat, mittens 
Deadline: 17 January 2017 
Send to: SO Maine Scarf Project 
Attn: Katheryn Wildes 
c/o Trinity Lutheran Church 
612 Main St 
Westbrook, NE 04092 

New Hampshire
Red, White, Grey
Goal: 500 scarf 
200 hat, earwarmers
Deadline: 17 January 2017
Send to:
Special Olympics New Hampshire 
Attn: Emily Groth, Program Manager 
650 Elm Street 
Manchester, NH 03101

Scarf guidelines can be found here 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scarves for Maine's Special Olympics

I just found out that Maine will need scarves ( headbands, mittens and hats) for their Special Olympics next year.

I wish the other New England states were involved in the scarf project as well but is Maine is part of NE so to my  yarn stash I go. I hope you will send in a few items to help out. Message me on facebook if you have any questions.

Below is the info I found on Knit and Crochet for a Cause's fb page.

Scarf guidelines:  ** 54-60 inches (including fringe);
                             ** 6-7 inches wide;
                             ** any design or pattern using ALL colours for the state

Hats:  ** to fit sizes child to adult 

Headbands:   ** 2 to 3 inches wide
                       ** 19 - 21 inches around the head (make sure the headband can stretch)
                       ** any design or pattern using ALL colours for the state

Ear warmers:  ** 3 to 5 inches wide
                         ** 19 - 21 inches around the head (make sure the ear warmer can stretch)
                         ** any design or pattern using ALL colors for the state

Mittens:  sizes child, teen, adult 
Pattern:  any pattern or design, using all colours 

Colours:   Cherry Red and White 
Goal:  500 items - scarves, hats, headbands, earwarmers
Deadline:  to be announced
Send to:   Katheryn Wildes
                Attn:  Scarf Project
                          c/o Trinity Lutheran Church 
                          612 Main St
                          Westbrook, ME 04092 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello again!

This group has been quiet for too long. Lets waken it back up with a Hat Drive!
I mentioned on facebook that we need to make 50 hats a month . We have 20 + centers to donate to. if we can make and send 25-30 hats to each center through out the year I am sure it will be much appreciated by the centers. 
I am adding a few Veteran centers to our list and to honor them I will be starting “Thank a Veteran Campaign” ( 
caps to benefit veterans in VA cancer centers) in September. More info about that in a week or two.
Come on team, WE CAN DO THIS!! :) 50 hats each month!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Pattern

Hey Look another Chemo Cap Pattern :) 

you'll need a size J hook and super bulky 5 yarn. 

This pattern makes a hat is is comfortable and airy . I only made the pattern for adults but I will add other sizes soon.

All proceeds go to Halos Of Hope New England for cap shipping

find us on facebook at facebook.com/HalosofHopeNew England

The cap slideshow!