Sunday, November 11, 2012


It is time for our first -A-Long.... If you crochet, Knit or loom.. this is for you.  I was thinking of our first -A-Long could be elf hats for the kids.
I found a few patterns on Ravelry.
These hats are due by the 8th of December so I can get them off to the N.E centers before Christmas.
Make as many as you can. Don't over work yourself. I know making these hats takes time. Send in what ever you can.
When you are ready to ship the hats, EMAIL me and I will send you the P.O box address. If you are a member of the team on Ravelry  then you know where to find the address.

Can't wait to see all those Elf Caps :)

I found this adorable cap I plan on crocheting.

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